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Welcome to UCG

Welcome to the official website of UCG Recycling (PTY) Ltd.

Since inception in September 1998, UCG Recycling has successfully positioned itself as the West Rand’s leading buyers, processors & suppliers of all types of stainless steel, ferrous & non-ferrous metals. We specialize in the collection & processing of all industrially generated metals & high temperature alloy scrap.

UCG Recycling is an innovative service-oriented company, constantly striving to supply customers with comprehensive metal recycling solutions. Our final product satisfies the most stringent quality requirements & is marketed countrywide.

The founding principles of honesty, reliability & efficiency have enabled us to establish ourselves as a "secondary metal supplier & processing plant" rather than a general "scrap dealer".

For collection and distribution of secondary metal, UCG operates ±20 vehicles; all equipped with the latest handling technology & detection devices, with some 700-load bins operating out of the two-hectare property in Chamdor, Krugersdorp, South Africa.

Using its expertise, UCG matches different scrap materials to the most efficient processing in order to maximize the value to suppliers and to meet the specifications of our consumers. Whether sorting stainless steel scrap by spectrometer or compressing new black sheeting into dense bales, UCG has the ability to handle most types of scraps and residues. The purchased scrap is converted into quality raw materials for our valued customers locally & internationally.

We are dedicated to delivering high quality materials, free from radioactivity and harmful impurities. The latest technologies & clean facilities combined with procedures, equipment and ample manpower allow us to consistently deliver material of the highest quality, within specification and on time.

Through our vastly experienced & knowledgeable management team, one of our key strengths lies in our understanding of the individual needs of our customers & suppliers. Trained personnel ensure accurate, timely settlements for our suppliers, and in-spec, on-time deliveries for our customers. We believe it is vital to draw on our collective strengths to build long-term strategic relationships.

The success of our business is driven by the quality of our people & therefore, we are consistently looking to invest in the training & development of our staff in all areas of our business.

Proud members of the Metal Recyclers Association, our operations are conducted in accordance with all governing legislation & close attention is placed on environmentally friendly practices.

UCG Recycling is also a member of SASSDA, SCCI & SAIF.